You focus on building.
We'll handle everything else.

XBuild is an AI-powered construction platform that handles estimation, supplementation, and closeout, all automatically for you.

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The next evolution of construction

Bigger jobs, Faster projects

Human led tasks are the main cause of project delays and higher costs in the construction industry. We enable contractors to consistently win larger projects and get faster approvals through our platform, all while reducing high overhead costs.

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How it works

Bigger jobs

XBuild Field App™

Maximize your project value by taking comprehensive, photo-centric inspections.

Capture every detail

Photograph and label every important detail. The app provides guidance to help your sales reps capture every opportunity to add value to the scope.

Submit photos

The application feeds every piece of information back into our system -- which will auto-generate a pre-supplemented scope within 24 hours.

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Faster projects

AI-generated inspection report

Once your sales rep submits their on-site inspection, our platform gets your job started.

Auto-generated, bulletproof scopes

Our estimation platform combines the inspection results with satellite measurements and county-level building codes to generate an insurance-ready, fully supplemented scope.

Automated insurance approvals

We'll work directly with insurance adjusters to get your scope approved.

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Supercharge your business

Get more scope value through the XBuild Field app
28% larger
Get fast insurance approvals through our AI-powered platform
51% faster

What businesses say about XBuild

We couldn't operate our business without XBuild, it has enabled us to expand into another state with the same staff

Matt H.
Owner & President, Canopy Roof & Solar

XBuild is a true game changer. Any sales rep not using this will be left behind.

Andrew T.
Sales Manager, AGR Roofing & Construction

I want to XBuild all of my jobs. I dont want to meet an adjuster without an XBuild.

Sales Rep
Sales Rep, Midwest Roof & Solar